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Jonathan Dash

Jonathan Dash

Jonathan Dash is the Founder of Dash Investments. As Chief Investment Officer, he is responsible for all the investment management and asset allocation decisions at the firm. With over 25 years of experience in investment management, Mr. Dash has an established reputation as a superior money manager. Dash Investments has been covered in major business publications such as Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. Mr. Dash graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Finance and has also completed numerous executive programs at both Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School covering corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis and valuation. Jonathan Dash 310-502-6364

2022 Roth IRA Contribution Limits and Changes
By Jonathan Dash
28th Jan 2022

These are some of the most critical guidelines of a Roth IRA that you should know and understand in ...

What Are the Best Retirement Investments for Your Portfolio?
By Jonathan Dash
2nd Aug 2021

The best investments for retirement are those that help you achieve your goals without stressing you out or resulting in high tax outputs. Remember that your ...

Lifestyle Inflation Factors to Consider While Planning for Retirement
By Jonathan Dash
2nd Jul 2021

An income boost is an event to be celebrated. However, if you are not careful with your savings and investments and mindful of the difference between your needs ...

Not Saved Enough for Retirement? Here Is What You Can Do
By Jonathan Dash
25th Nov 2021

If you deploy wise strategies during the working years of your life, you can financially secure the non-working years of your life and live a golden retirement ...

What Are the Tax Implications of an Inherited Roth IRA?
By Jonathan Dash
28th Jun 2021

If you received an inherited Roth IRA, you can ideally leave the assets in the account for as long as possible to benefit from the tax-free growth in the long ...

How to Use Bond Ladders for Retirement Income
By Jonathan Dash
12th Nov 2020

A bond ladder is a powerful, multi-maturity strategy comprising a range of bonds. The approach diversifies bond investments by their maturity dates to reduce ...

8 Factors That Can Be Detrimental to the Success of Your Retirement Plan
By Jonathan Dash
22nd Apr 2021

Planning for your retirement is a dynamic process that will require many changes as per the fluctuations of the market and your personal financial goals. ...

7 Ways to Create a High Performance Retirement Portfolio
By Jonathan Dash
9th Feb 2021

A good portfolio when one is younger should contain a significant growth component. However, later on in life, their focus can shift from growth to ...

Retirement Income Planning Tips for a Secure Retirement
By Jonathan Dash
1st Jun 2021

Retirement is the beginning of your golden years. However, the transition from working life to non-working life can be slightly challenging. Efficient ...

Retirement Planning Checklist
By Jonathan Dash
30th Sep 2021

While everyone’s approach to retirement can be different, the retirement planning checklist mentioned above can benefit most people. ...

How Much Money do you Need for a Comfortable Retirement?
By Jonathan Dash
9th Dec 2020

Retirement income needs vary per case. However, these standard rules may help to provide a ballpark figure, enabling you to plan and advance in the right ...

Three Retirement Accounts to Consider in 2022 for Long-Term Wealth
By Jonathan Dash
21st Feb 2022

These three different types of retirement accounts are a wise consideration for retirement planners in 2022. Use a retirement account calculator to assess how ...

How Much Can You Contribute to a 401(k) Retirement Account in 2022?
By Jonathan Dash
29th Dec 2021

It helps to always stay up to date with the changes in the 401k contribution limits. This way, you can make the most of the increased limit and contribute ...

7 Best Retirement Plans in 2021
By Jonathan Dash
28th Jul 2021

The sooner you start saving or investing, the more you can earn over time. The power of compounding lets you beat inflation, tackle risk, and evade ...

Six Retirement Savings Tips for Investing After You Retire
By Jonathan Dash
28th Oct 2021

Retirement is the beginning of the golden period of your life. A time where you can live as you ...

Roth IRA Growth and Interest: What You Need to Know
By Jonathan Dash
22nd Dec 2021

If you understand how a Roth IRA works, and its growth and interest components, you can tap this potentially beneficial account to create a desirable retirement ...

Six Retirement Strategies You Should Know About
By Jonathan Dash
21st Jul 2021

Apart from following these six retirement strategies, it is important that you keep a long-term view and start planning for retirement early in life to benefit ...

401(K): When Is a Good Time To Invest in the Plan?
By Jonathan Dash
26th Aug 2021

As stated earlier, the right answer to when you should start a 401(k) plan is now. There is no standard contribution amount, and your 401(k) amount depends on ...

Important Post-Retirement Financial Strategies To Avoid Potential Risks
By Jonathan Dash
25th Jan 2022

Life post-retirement can present many challenges. But there are also several ways to navigate your way around and avoid retirement risks and ...

How to Invest Your 401(k) in Stocks
By Jonathan Dash
19th Aug 2021

The self-directed brokerage accounts will become significantly popular over the coming years because of the growing acceptance of active trading and the ...

High-Net-Worth Retirement Planning Checklist
By Jonathan Dash
11th Apr 2022

Retirement planning strategies for high-net-worth individuals are crucial for good returns. Here is the complete High-Net-Worth Retirement Planning ...

How Does Social Security Work After Retirement?
By Jonathan Dash
19th Apr 2022

Understanding the various dimensions of how Social Security works when you retire will help you make informed decisions regarding your retirement & ...

9 Steps You Can Take to Prepare for Retirement
By Jonathan Dash
31st Mar 2022

Retirement planning is arguably the most important decision in one's life. You do not need a large sum of money to start saving. With even minimal savings, ...

How To Make Roth IRA Contributions for Your Child In 2022
By Jonathan Dash
4th Mar 2022

Opening a Roth IRA can be the perfect gift for your child, enabling them to take advantage of tax-free money growth from a young ...