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A Thousand Oaks retirement planning portfolio includes a diverse selection of savings and investment funds that will provide optimal financial support when you're living on a retiree's income. Although most working professionals in Thousand Oaks are aware they they should be saving money for their retirement planning goals, many are not saving enough to maintain a comfortable standard of living. In order to continue living comfortably in Southern California as an older adult, you must save enough to meet your needs for at least 15 to 20 years after you retire.

Located in busy Ventura County, the city offers its residents a wide range of employment opportunities, from electronics, telecommunications and aerospace companies to healthcare organizations and educational institutions. Working in Thousand Oaks involves many expenses, such as transportation, a professional wardrobe, work related meals and entertainment and child care. In the years when you're no longer working, most of these expenses will no longer be necessary; however, you will still need a substantial percentage of that income in order to live comfortably.

US Savings Bonds for Retirement

When you start your first job in Thousand Oaks, you may have the option to participate in a California retirement advising account, such as a 401k or 403b. You may also decide to open an Individual Retirement Arrangement, or IRA, for additional tax advantaged savings that can grow significantly over time. According to the advice of many Thousand Oaks retirement planning professionals, you should try to save as much as 10 percent of your earnings for the future when you are in your 20s and 30s, if you are planning to retire as early as age 65.

In addition to the funds you'll require for your essential Thousand Oaks retirement planning needs, you'll need liquid funds that you can access to cover emergencies, unexpected medical costs, vacations to visit family or overseas travel after you retire. Living comfortably in retirement doesn't mean that you're barely covering your food, housing and medical costs. Living a fruitful, rewarding life as a senior involves pursuing dreams and personal goals as well as paying for the bare necessities.

US savings bonds are one of the most secure investment funds available in California. Backed by the US government and issued by the Department of Treasury, these time limited funds accrue interest at a steady rate for up to 30 years. If you purchase bonds as part of your Thousand Oaks retirement planning strategy when you are in your 30s, you may have a substantial supplement for your income when you retire in CA.

Unlike other Thousand Oaks investment funds, whose value can fluctuate with changes in the economy, the value of US bonds remains consistent. The interest earned on bonds is exempt from state income tax, and you can defer the federal income tax of EE or I bonds for up to 30 years. EE and I bonds are recommended for Thousand Oaks retirement planning purposes. EE bonds earn interest according to the market rate, while I funds are structured to accommodate the effects of inflation.

When you're planning your future in Thousand Oaks, consider your short term needs as a retiree as well as your long term goals. A US savings bond can be used to supplement your nest egg when you need to cover smaller expenses. If you've owned an I or EE bond for at least 5 years, there is no penalty for redemption. In this sense, bonds offer a liquid source of additional income for your senior years.

Retirement Planning and Your Children

As you're planning for your own future as a CA retiree, you may have many other financial obligations to consider, especially if you have children. For many parents, placing their own needs on an equal level with their children's financial future feels irresponsible. While saving for your children's future educational expenses and covering their needs in the present are crucial, you shouldn't neglect your own Thousand Oaks retirement planning objectives.

When you work with a Thousand Oaks retirement planning expert, you can develop a multi-faceted strategy for meeting your children's needs while saving for your own future. A CA planner has experience with educational savings funds as well as Thousand Oaks retirement planning products. Taking care of your own financial needs for the future guarantees that you won't have to be dependent on your children when you retire in Thousand Oaks.

Thousand Oaks retirement planning strategies involve your entire family. The financial decisions that you make today will affect your children's futures as well as your own. By avoiding high interest debt, contributing to your 401k or IRA and helping your family meet their own personal goals, you'll help your loved ones pursue their own dreams as you prepare for a comfortable life after you retire.

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