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Santa Ana retirement planning involves learning some investment basics. It helps to understand what stocks, bonds, dividends, and ticker symbols are. Do you understand what a stock broker actually does? Learning basic California retirement investment terms can make your Santa Ana retirement planning much easier.

Most likely, stocks will be a key component of your retirement planning. You will want to create a diversified portfolio, and stocks are considered a significant part of any well invested portfolio. Over the long term, stocks have historically proven to do very well. Understanding how stocks work will make your Santa Ana retirement planning easier, and help you understand it from a broader perspective.

Understanding Stocks

A Santa Ana stockbroker buys and sells stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Typically, stockbrokers charge small fee. Stockbrokers are different from Santa Ana retirement planning specialists. Stockbrokers simply manage funds through brokerage accounts. You don't actually need a brokerage account for your stocks, but if you're new to the process you may find it easier.

You can actually buy stocks on your own, online. You get your own dividend checks, you don't have to worry about your broker going bankrupt, and the broker doesn't take any significant cuts. If you know what you're doing, buying stocks online is a great way to go. That being said, it's a lot more work!

Santa Ana, CA stockbrokers are trained professionals, and they watch the market carefully. While deciding which stocks to buy is kind of a guessing game, it's certainly easier for someone who does it as a career than for someone who just does it in their spare time. Most likely, you would find it hard to dedicate hours and hours to researching stocks, and deciding which ones to buy or sell.

A stock is basically like a piece of business. When you buy a stock it represents ownership in the business. While stocks often go up and down, given market fluctuations, they usually go up over the long term and withstand inflation. It's best to buy stocks early on in your Santa Ana retirement planning, and keep them for a long time.

It's also best not to invest in just one kind of stock. A Santa Ana, CA investment planning advisor would tell you this: you don't want to just invest in technology or oil, you want to invest in a variety of types of stocks. That being said, you don't want to only have stocks as investments. It's a good idea to have other kinds of investments as well, such as bonds.

All About Dividends

When a stock yields a dividend, the dividend is a sum of money for the stockholder. This happens when the company earns a profit. Not all stocks offer dividends, though. And, it's not necessarily the best idea to purchase the stock just because it offers a high dividend. Sometimes, companies decide to take dividends away or they may go up and down unexpectedly.

That being said, you may want to consider dividends during your Santa Ana retirement planning. You may want to have that dividend be a source of income. When you're getting closer to your Santa Ana, CA retirement, you need to consider how you access your savings. You might get advice regarding having dividends as income. While dividends may provide income, planning on relying on them is not a good idea.

A dividend yield is the amount that you should collect in cash dividends based on your investment stock. Your dividend yield will be based on the amount of the stock you own. Again, you don't want to rely on dividends when you're planning your Santa Ana retirement income, but they can certainly be included in your planning.

A dividend payout ratio is the amount of profit that goes to shareholders in dividends. If the dividend payout ratio is very high, some investors may worry there isn't enough room for growth for the company. Mature stocks offer good dividend, but the dividend payout ratio should not be more than about 60%.

Planning Your California Retirement

Santa Ana retirement planning can be very rewarding. You get to consider spending your happy retirement in Santa Ana. You can imagine happy days on a California beach, and being close to your family. Of course, making sure you have financial stability for your retirement years is a key component.

You may want to get help from a Santa Ana retirement planning specialist. He or she can make your Santa Ana retirement planning easier. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as how much money to invest, and how much you need. Calculating the budget for your later years is a significant step of the process. You need to consider your anticipated spending, as well as any unexpected expenses.

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