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San Jose retirement planning may include the intention to work as long as you possibly can. Or, at least, to switch to a part-time job to continue getting income if necessary. The longer you work, the more time you're adding to your savings, and the less time that you're delving into your retirement fund. Even covering a portion of your expenses can help a lot.

There are a few big financial mistakes that you'll want to avoid in order to secure savings for your San Jose retirement. Planning your future California retirement savings involves carefully watching your income and investing well, and not falling into some unexpected financial traps. If you're careful with your income now, you'll be much better off during your golden years.

Working During Retirement

For some people, planning to work during retirement years is a no brainer. For anyone who's not interested in staying home to knit, watch sports, or any other hobby, working might seem like a welcome plan. Or, if you love your San Jose, CA job, you may want to keep your job as long as you can.

Of course, for others, working into old age may be a necessary choice. San Jose retirement planning involves carefully tracking your funds, and figuring out if you can live comfortably into old age. If not, you may actually need to continue working into your San Jose retirement. Planning to continue work can make saving the appropriate amount much easier!

In any case, San Jose residents often work during their later years due to desire, necessity, or both, and it may be a very good choice. People live longer than they used to, and also feel healthier during old age. So, why not do something useful during those later years?

There are a few other advantages to working later in life. For example, you improve your monthly Social Security benefit if you keep on working, and that will mean more payoff during later years. Here's another advantage: you will continue getting medical benefits from your San Jose employer.

Before you quit your San Jose, California job, consider how you'll feel. Some people are actually downright bored during retirement, and believe they've lost their sense of purpose. Is your identity tied up in your San Jose work? How are you planning to spend your days?

If you're planning to retire as soon as you can, you may want to reconsider your San Jose retirement planning. Perhaps, if you don't like your job, you could think about a new job for your later years. For example, you could start a small business, like a bed and breakfast. Or, you could consider tutoring in math, music or anything else you have experience with.

A Few Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Here's a financial detail that people planning for retirement sometimes trip over: debit cards are not the same credit cards. If you're using a debit card and you spend more than you have in your California account, you'll pay fees. Obviously, that's not the case with your credit card; since a credit card allows you to take advantage of the "float" which is the time between the purchase and the withdrawal.

Allowing your CDs to roll over automatically when they mature isn't a great idea, since you miss special promotions at your bank. Banks often offer higher interest rates, for example, which you can't take advantage of if you let your CD roll over automatically. Call your San Jose, CA bank when you know that your CD is about to mature, and ask about current promotions.

When your in the midst of your San Jose retirement planning, don't make the mistake of buying life insurance as an investment. Unlike term life insurance, whole life insurance, or "cash value life insurance" can be paid out to you before you die. However, you'll pay high taxes, and other forms of investments would probably be a better choice for your San Jose retirement. Planning to cash in on life insurance isn't the smartest investment strategy.

Here's something else you should avoid during your San Jose retirement planning: don't pay your California taxes with a credit card. It's not worth the convenience fee, which can be quite a chunk of change. Also, if you can't pay your credit card bill due to high taxes, you'll be paying a lot of interest. Planning to use your credit card to pay taxes is generally a bad idea.

Finally, don't borrow money from your retirement accounts, if you can help it. Your careful San Jose retirement planning will be severely disrupted even if you borrow a small amount of money from your 401(k) or IRA. Once you set up the account, you should be planning on leaving the money and letting it grow where it is.

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