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Round Rock retirement planning 401k accounts are quickly becoming the most common types of Round Rock retirement planning accounts today. The reason for this is simply that they are the easiest means available for people to prepare to retire. But simply having a Texas retirement planning 401k account is not enough. There are a few things you should know and understand in order to ensure you are using your Round Rock account to its fullest advantage.

Round Rock Employer Match

The first thing you need to be aware of in regard to your Round Rock retirement planning 401k account is whether or not your employer offers a contribution match. An employer match is a benefit offered by some employers. Basically, it is when a Round Rock employer tries to incent their employees to save in a TX retirement planning account by offering to make contributions on the employees behalf as well. Unlike a pension, however this is not done without an exchange. The exchange is that the employee must also make a contribution.

To make it a little easier to understand, this system is similar to the way Round Rock corporate sponsors pledge money in fundraisers. We have all seen a telethon on television, or heard a pledge drive on public radio. During those drives, it is common to hear that a corporate sponsor has offered to match any funds raised during a certain time frame up to a specific amount. So, if you call into that Round Rock pledge drive during that time frame and pledge an amount such as $100, you are in effect guaranteeing the company raising the funds will get $200 ($100 from you and $100 from the corporate sponsor). Employer matches for Round Rock retirement planning accounts work much the same way, except in this scenario you are both the company running the drive and the person pledging the amount, and your employer is the corporate sponsor.

Every Round Rock employer has a different policy regarding what they will contribute to each employee's Round Rock retirement planning account. Additionally, the amount is typically based on a percentage of the employees account and not a set dollar amount. So here is how it works, your employer determines the amount it will match. For our purposes, let's say yours will match five percent. This means that for every percentage of your income you invest in your Texas retirement planning account, your employer will invest the same amount, up to five percent. Why is this so important to understand? Because, just like in a pledge drive, you can double the money you get just by investing a certain amount. It is highly recommended that if you have an employer match as an option, you invest at least as much into your Round Rock retirement planning account as your employer will match.

Diversify your Investment

The second most important thing you need to be aware of when dealing with your Round Rock retirement planning is how your funds are invested. Typically, employer run TX retirement planning accounts have three or four different investment options known as portfolios to choose from. Each portfolio will be labeled based on the risk that investing in them carries. Risk is based on the potential of each portfolio to make and lose money. The higher the risk, the more money you may earn or lose, depending on how the portfolio performs. The lower risk portfolios have less potential for loss, but also less potential for gains. Right in the middle with risk and returns are portfolios known as moderate. These are those that have the potential to earn a decent profit without risking too much loss.

It would seem with these descriptions that the best thing to do is to put all of your Round Rock retirement planning investment funds into a moderate fund. However, this isn't true. In actuality, the best thing to do with any Texas retirement planning account is to mix things up. Put a portion of your TX retirement planning investment amount into each type of portfolio to really maximize your chances of making money. You will determine which portion of each by your age.

When you are young, you can afford to be more aggressive and take greater risks. This is the time to invest the majority in high risk portfolios. Of course, you have the chance of losing what you make when you do this, but you are young enough to make it up further down the line. As you age, you should shift your focus to more moderate accounts. You should of course always have a little bit invested in each portfolio type. This ensures that if one or two aren't performing, you should always have at least one Round Rock retirement planning portfolio that is working in your favor.

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