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Portland retirement planning can seem very difficult for those of us in the Portland area who are entrepreneurs. Most people handle their Portland retirement planning through their Oregon employers. These employer managed Oregon retirement planning accounts are known as 401k's or pension plans. However, if you are a small business owner, contractor, or self-employed in some other way in and around the Portland area these are not options for you when planning for your Portland retirement.


IRA's are individual OR retirement planning accounts that can be opened up outside the realm of traditional Portland employment and can help you prepare for and begin planning for retirement. These are accounts that provide the Portland investor with tax breaks on their individual investment while allowing them to place the funds in different portfolios to maximize the return on their investments. This makes the accounts more successful, and will help ensure you are able to retire. An IRA is opened through and managed by the Portland area investment company of your choosing.

The investment manager will help you to administer your Portland retirement planning account. They will monitor it for you, watch the market, and make suggestions based on how the portfolios you have chosen are performing. Additionally, they will be able to tell you what portion of your income you need to invest in order to save the right amount to retire at the desired age. They can also be helpful in giving you a budget and a plan that enables you to afford the investments you need to make.

IRA's are a great Portland retirement planning option for anyone in Oregon who wants to increase their return on investment and have enough funds available to live comfortably when they retire. But you are not just any ordinary person. You are self-employed. People who are employed by a corporation or other large business have the advantage of other specialized Portland retirement planning account options, so why shouldn't you? Why shouldn't there be a OR retirement planning option made specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners like yourself? The answer is that there should be, and there is.


An SEP IRA is an individual Portland retirement planning account specifically engineered for those people who are self-employed. SEP is an abbreviation for the term Simplified Employee Pension. This sort of account is available for those who work on a contract basis or small business owners with one or more employee. The benefit to the SEP IRA over other IRA types is that you can contribute more of your income without tax penalties. This means that more of your investment goes to actual investing and Portland retirement planning rather than paying taxes.

You'll notice the word pension in the abbreviation SEP. This indicates that like pensions with other larger companies, the investment is made by the employer on behalf of the employee. If you are a small business owner this means that as an added benefit to your employees you can invest in their futures on their behalf.

This might lead you to questions about what's in it for you, or why would you want to do this. There are many reasons it can benefit you to invest in your employees in such a manner. First of all, most small businesses do not offer Portland retirement planning accounts as a benefit to their employees. This sets you ahead of the competition. Additionally, your willingness to help your employees to be secure for their future will breed loyalty and gain respect that you might not get otherwise.

Another reason to invest in such a fund is to save money. Sure, you are spending money, but you get a tax break on that which you invest. Therefore, you can give your employee more compensation because you are not paying as much in taxes. As a small business owner, you can appreciate the advantage of a tax break, and should take them when you can get them. This is a good way to do that.

Taking advantage of this type of OR retirement planning account can also enable you to spend more money for your employees without it affecting your bottom line as much. For example, say you pay an administrative assistant $20 per hour. Of that $20 per hour, $15 is income. Five dollars of your assistant's pay goes directly into his or her pension plan. Therefore, from day one you are investing a quarter of your employee's pay into a plan that helps them in the future. However, because of the tax break your out of pocket will be more like seventeen dollars for this employee per hour. Additionally, you can use this pension plan for your Portland retirement planning.

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