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Philadelphia retirement planning may involve choosing investments that will provide you with income. Certain investment options will give you income over the long-term, and they may be a good idea. Planning to rely on savings during retirement can get complicated, because, as you know, you can run right through your savings. Income, however, keeps on coming.

Some retirees take dividend yields from stocks into account during their Philadelphia retirement planning, but this should be done cautiously. Planning your dividend income isn't easy, since dividends, along with the value of a stock, may rise and fall quickly. When you're considering the income you'll have during your later years, you want to make sure your PA investments are diverse and, therefore, reliable.

Retirement Investments That Provide Income

Immediate annuities may be considered during your Philadelphia retirement planning. If you live longer than most people, you'll probably win out in the end with an annuity, because you'll take more than you put in. However, if you die early, the insurer gets the leftover money. Annuities are actually pretty complicated, so you make want to consult a Philadelphia, PA financial expert before purchasing one.

You might also consider a variable annuity with a lifetime income rider. A variable annuity may offer certain guarantees or "riders" which will make planning your retirement much easier, because they come with with predictable, steady income. Again, you should consult a Philadelphia financial advisor before purchasing an annuity, given the complexity and expense.

You may want to create your own portfolio for your Pennsylvania retirement savings, complete with stock and bond index funds. A Philadelphia financial advisor can assist you with this process. A portfolio will provide you with solid returns, so long as you follow the acceptable withdrawal rate.

If you'd like to create a more specific portfolio, you might consider retirement income funds. Retirement funds work like regularly portfolios, but the investments are automatically diversified. These funds can be a key component of your Philadelphia retirement planning, since they provide you with income, but you still have control over your principal (unlike an annuity). In other words, you can access your money at any time.

Bonds are another option to consider during your Philadelphia retirement planning. With a bond, you basically loan your money to a company or the government. The borrower pays you interest, and, eventually, the principal is returned to you. Bonds can be useful for retirees, since they provide consistent income.

Investing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania properties is something else you might consider when your planning your investments. However, Philadelphia real estate investments require maintenance, and you may incur unexpected expenses. If you know what you're doing, though, Pennsylvania properties can make good investments.

You might also consider closed end funds when your planning income for your later years. Closed end funds provide income from dividends, return of principal or interest. Closed end funds produce monthly or quarterly income, and each fund has it's own objective. Closed end funds are an unusual investment, though, and it's best to include them in a diversified portfolio.

Another options is to purchase dividend income funds, rather than individual stocks. Or, you could consider a real estate investment trust, which is like a mutual fund that owns real estate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (or elsewhere). The fund will manage the property, collect rent, and so forth.

Dividend Yields From Stocks

Depending on dividends should be cautiously considered during your Philadelphia retirement planning. A dividend yield can provide you with income, but companies don't have to pay dividends consistently. Sometimes, a company will abruptly lower a dividend, so if you decide to rely on dividends during your late-life income planning, you're taking a big risk.

Companies may even eliminate a dividend unexpectedly, which could really put a wrench in your anticipated income. So, you may want to consider dividend yields as a bonus during your Philadelphia retirement planning. Also, if a company announces that they are eliminating or reducing a dividend, the stock price will fall rapidly, too. So, don't expect you can easily just sell the stock and move on.

When you're in the midst of Philadelphia retirement planning, buying stocks based on their dividend yield isn't the best idea. As mentioned, it's probably a good idea to consider dividend income funds, rather than individual stocks, for a balanced investment. That way, you will have a balanced portfolio.

If you're ready to start investing for your later years, you might want to consult a Philadelphia retirement planning expert. He or she can give you financial advice to help you create a strong, reliable portfolio with steady income. Saving up is an important component of the years before you retire, but you also need to figure out how you'll access those funds, and consistent income is a great option.

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