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Orlando retirement planning experts in Orlando, FL are qualified to help you with all your financial scenarios involving today as well as your future without work. Attaining advice from these Orlando retirement planning specialists early in your quest for financial independence in your golden years is a necessity for a healthy financial planning portfolio.

With Orlando, Florida being a large retirement community there are plenty of qualified Orlando retirement planning experts available to help you with virtually all your financial planning needs. Often times we put off those things that we know little to nothing about, such as retirement planning. Retirement planning is the second to last thing you should ever put off, just ahead of going to the doctor. Any question you have they can answer and help you in discerning your exact needs and determining the direction you need to go with your investments.

Understanding Your Social Security

While it's important to properly manage your savings and investments, it's also extremely beneficial to understand the implications of early withdrawal of your social security funds. Your Orlando retirement planning specialists will help you analyze all your options with your social security, but rest assured, the later you withdraw the more money you will receive. These Orlando, Florida retirement planning experts will take you through their retirement calculators as well as the social security benefit calculator to help you see exactly what you will need to do.

Let us take a look at a scenario where you would be planning to retire this year and were making approximately $40,000. If you were to retire now at the age of 62 then your monthly benefits would be approximately $868. If you were to wait until the age of 66 to retire before withdrawing at the same income you would be receiving $1,164 a month. If you were to wait until the age of 70, the oldest you can be to begin withdrawing, then you would be receiving $1,528 a month. So, if you would wait until you are 70 before you start to receive your social security payments you will nearly double the amount per month in comparison to withdrawing when you are 62. Patience such as this pays great dividends in more ways than one and would benefit you greatly if you can remain financially stable until you are 70. (1)

Those numbers, again, are approximations but I'm certain that this gives you a better idea as to what you are facing in the coming years. While it is understood there are many people who absolutely need to withdraw their social security at the earliest possible date, it is definitely beneficial to wait if you can. The best way to ensure that you can wait until you are 70 is to implore the services of your Orlando retirement planning specialist in the Orlando, FL area. They will help you establish a proper savings regiment and guide you to the types of investments that best suit your financial needs.

Having money in your various accounts that you can withdraw periodically from ages 62 to 69 is paramount in being able to hold off on withdrawing your social security. Getting your income from your paycheck to those particular retirement accounts with the help of your Orlando retirement planning experts is only part of the equation. Choosing the right accounts to put your money into is yet another part. Therefore, choosing the right expert for your needs from the Orlando, Florida area to help you discern what is best for you and your family is of the utmost importance in this process.

How To Choose

When you go to buy a car you will most certainly watch the commercials, read the paper, and look online to see which dealerships are offering the best deals on the specific car of your choosing. You will narrow down where you would like to go to look at and test drive this car. If you then encounter a salesman that you simply don't get a good feeling about, you will usually leave empty handed.

Much is the same in assessing whom to choose as a retirement planning expert in Orlando, FL. You should interview as many Orlando retirement planning specialists as it takes for you to feel comfortable. Establishing a comfort level with someone that is handling such an important aspect of your finances is essential. This expert should be someone that you will be in contact with for many years and become as familiar with as you are with your neighbor in the Orlando, Florida area.

Your Orlando retirement planning specialist will be there to advise you in every aspect of your finances. They will keep up with tax and inflation adjustments as well as any new laws that will impact your portfolio. Establish a comfort level and choose soon.

(1) Retrieved 2011-04-30

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