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Modesto retirement planning in Modesto, CA gives business owners an opportunity to set themselves up for success in their golden years. Without the ability to draw upon employer based retirement accounts, self-employed persons need to utilize the knowledge and experience that Modesto retirement planning experts provide. Failure to prepare for your future without work only ensures more of a future with work. Modesto retirement planning specialists will give you the advice you need to stabilize your financial portfolio for your working days and after.

Modesto retirement planning in Modesto, California is about capitalizing on the opportunities afforded you by tax laws and planning expertise. You need to start your planning early in order to take full advantage of what is available to you to allow your money to grow. Too often, business owners count on the profits of their company to carry them into their golden years. Failure to prepare yourself for any type of economy that comes your way is simply a recipe for disaster. You shouldn't count on a substantial profit in selling your company once you want to retire either. Ensure a safe and successful future by seeking the help and expertise of your Modesto, California retirement planning specialists in the Modesto, CA area.

Planning For Success

Just like those that work for employers, your money can work for you as an employer. In order to set yourself up for success in your golden years you need to seek the advice of the experts. They will guide you through the business owner options for your individual investment needs. Just because you are the owner, doesn't mean that your options are limited when it comes to retirement accounts. In fact, in some respects, you have more advantages than the average employee.

The Solo or Individual 401(k), for instance, allows you to contribute up to $49,000 per year rather than the $16,000 if you are an employee for a company. That is an amazing opportunity especially when you consider that this wouldn't be included on income taxes until withdrawal. Taking advantage of this type of plan is the kind of advice that can be garnered from these retirement planning specialists.

Your Modesto retirement planning experts may want to steer you to the Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) 401(k), which is very similar to the Solo 401(k). Depending upon your particular business and financial situation the specialists in Modesto, California will be able to inform you as to which plan best suits your needs.

If you are a wealthy business owner then you may want to look into a defined benefit plan. The amount of savings that you can invest into this account is staggering in comparison to other investment options. This is a very structured and potentially confusing plan which would absolutely require the services of your Modesto retirement planning consultant in the Modesto, CA area. Nevertheless, this option carries amazing tax advantages and is absolutely worth looking into if you qualify.

If you only have a few employees, yet still would like to set them up with a retirement plan as well, then the Simple IRA may be the one for you. They are easy to establish for the business owner and are ideal for the tight knit family businesses.

Keogh plans offer amazing flexibility in the investment market and similar to the Solo and SEP 401(k) they offer the opportunity for a high ceiling of investment per year. Again, speak to your planning consultant about all of these different types of business owner retirement planning accounts to ensure your future financial success.

List Makers

So often, we forget the simple things throughout the daily grind. Whether we forgot to bring the milk home, or to finish the paperwork so that you can get the supplies you need for the weekend, making lists seems more and more necessary.

The Modesto retirement planning specialists in Modesto, California are your financial list makers that won't let you forget to save for your future without work. This is essential in making certain that while you try to cater to your customers, employees, and family, your financial future is being taken care of as well.

Not only is this an immense burden off of your shoulders, it's simply the smartest move you can make for your family's financial health. To always remember to put in some money whenever you receive it, and set it aside specifically for savings is probably going to be way down on your list, if you remember to put it there at all. Your Modesto retirement planning consultant will make certain that this investment is never off of your list, and taken care of before the money even comes in. Protect yourself and let the experts make your financial and retirement list for you.

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