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Lansing retirement planning specialists look closely at every aspect of a client's finances to determine whether he or she is ready to retire within the desired time frame. When you meet with a professional retirement planning consultant, you can benefit from the advice of a certified planner who has years of experience helping working professionals achieve their dreams for the future. The process of Lansing retirement planning can begin as early as the day you get your first job in Lansing, Michigan.

In fact, the sooner you begin building an income for the future, the more substantial that income will be. When you're raising a family, buying a home and building a career in the capital city of Michigan, saving money for your senior years may seem like your last priority. A Lansing, Michigan retirement planning specialist can help you stay focused on your goals for the future, so that you're able to fulfill the dreams you've held for many years.

Setting Realistic Goals

Lansing, MI is a hub of culture, education and government in the state. Because of its central role in MI, Lansing is known as the "Heart of Michigan," and residents enjoy partaking in this thriving economy. When you start your first job and open an employer-sponsored savings account in Lansing, you may have ambitious goals for the future. For many young adults, those goals don't extend very far past their 30s or 40s. When you're just getting started in your career, your life as a senior citizen may seem light years away.

Many young professionals don't start planning for the future in earnest until they're at least 30 years old. By this age, you may have watched your parents struggling to cope with a limited retirement income, and you want to avoid the same financial situation. At this point, Lansing retirement planning doesn't seem like such a distant objective. When you're ready to start planning for your life as an older adult, meet with a Lansing retirement consultant to talk about setting realistic goals.

As the average life expectancy of MI residents increases, Lansing professionals are revising their financial objectives for retirement to accommodate a longer life span. The funds that could have held you over for your entire lifetime after retirement may now seem insufficient, in light of the fact that many adults live into their 80s or 90s. Although the money you're saving may seem like a substantial amount, a Lansing retirement planning specialist may advise you to increase your contributions in order to meet more realistic goals.

If you're planning to retire before the age of 65, a professional planner can review your goals to make sure that your objectives are realistic. Planning for an early retirement may require saving and investing at an accelerated pace. The sooner you begin setting aside the additional funds that you require in a diverse range of savings and investment options, the sooner you'll achieve your goal of financial independence.

Defining Financial Independence

Financial independence sounds like a desirable goal for every working adult. However, in order to achieve an independent lifestyle as a retiree, it's important to define your standards for independence. If you want to be completely free from the obligation to earn an income, you must have adequate funds in your savings and investment accounts by the time you decide to stop working. Alternatively, you may decide to downsize your lifestyle so that you can enjoy your free time with friends, family and volunteer organizations without the pressure of high spending.

For many retirees, having free time available is more important than having a large financial portfolio. Although it's important to have sufficient funds in your Lansing retirement planning accounts to live comfortably, you don't necessarily need to retire as a millionaire in order to lead a happy, rewarding life. When you work with a Lansing retirement planning specialist, you can plan the right balance of savings and investment strategies to ensure that you meet your goal of independence, however you define that state.

Many active, independent seniors decide to continue working on a part time or freelance basis because they need the intellectual or social stimulation that working provides. If you're planning to work part time after you retire, you can count on having additional funds to save or invest. As part of your Lansing retirement planning goals, consider how you'll continue to make your savings grow after you've stopped working.

No two retirees have the same Lansing retirement planning goals. Your dreams of independence are unlike anyone else's. While you're still actively working, meet with a qualified financial planner to create the life that you envision on your own terms. With the help of a certified planner, you can achieve your objectives and embrace a more flexible lifestyle as a senior citizen.

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