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Fort Worth retirement planning involves establishing financial independence, first and foremost. There are a few "secrets" that can help you achieve financial independence, and kickstart your Fort Worth retirement planning. After all, in order to be comfortable during your retirement, you need to have a good Texas retirement savings plan and building wealth now.

If you're self-employed in Fort Worth, TX, you may want to consider a SEP-IRA. SEP-IRAs are Simplified Employee Pensions which are slightly different than traditional IRAs. You can set up a SEP-IRA as a sole proprietor, a partnership or an unincorporated business. A SEP-IRA will allow you and your employees (if you have any), to make contributions to a retirement plan.

How to Achieve Financial Independence

First of all, a good handful of people in Fort Worth, Texas believe that the key to creating wealth is to have a good job. However, just because you have the best job in Fort Worth, TX, doesn't mean you have any wealth. If you spend all the money you make, you aren't wealthy at all. Wealth isn't income: it's your net worth.

Your net worth, which equals your assets minus your liabilities, includes your wealth. What, exactly, is wealth? It's the income that you have that makes money without you actually working. If you have investments that make money regardless of your activity, you're on the right track.

Think about it: if you lose your Fort Worth, Texas job, you're suddenly in trouble. It's much harder to lose your portfolio of investments, and if they're well diversified, it's pretty much impossible to suddenly lose everything. Obviously, creating a diversified portfolio is one of the cornerstones of Fort Worth retirement planning.

Of course, in order to start making investments and planning for financial independence, you need to have a certain amount of extra money to invest. Naturally, this doesn't happen overnight. However, the first step is to start planning to become financially independent, which means you need to earn more than you spend. So, you may need to cut your costs, or increase your revenue, or both.

In order to grow wealth (and for your Texas retirement planning to be successful), you need to understand your taxes and take them into consideration. If you have little or no real wealth, you probably have a significant amount of taxable income. However, if you want to be financially independent, you need to have tax-free or tax-advantaged accounts (like retirement accounts).

Taxes matter. A lot. Part of your Fort Worth retirement planning will involve setting up Roth IRAs or 401(k)s, because you can grow money tax free. You may want to consult with a financial planning advisor or Fort Worth tax specialist, since taxes are complicated and extremely important. When your planning your retirement, you need to consider your future taxes very carefully.

You may have some false stereotypes about millionaires. Most wealthy people don't act all that wealthy. Instead, they live modestly and conservatively. Millionaires typically own their own business, wear blue jeans and love what they do. They aren't necessarily the ones who got the best grades in school, or have the nicest cars.

During your Fort Worth retirement planning, it may help to break down the old stereotypes you've developed over many years. Also, make sure you're on the same path as your spouse. You will never be able to complete your retirement planning successfully if you and your spouse aren't on the same track.

Have you had a discussion with your spouse about your Fort Worth retirement planning? Are you both able to save money, and think about your future together? Also, if you and your spouse are happy, you'll be much more likely to be successful in your Forth Worth retirement planning.

What is a SEP IRA?

A SEP-IRA works like a traditional IRA in some ways. First of all, it's an easy way to kickstart your Fort Worth retirement planning with the tax benefits. SEP-IRAs offer tax deductions to a self-employed person or an employer. Also, you can make a contribution to a SEP-IRA following the year to which the contribution applies, and you can also extend the due date of the tax return.

SEP-IRAs are simpler than traditional IRAs, in some ways, as they have minimal paperwork. Your Fort Worth retirement planning will be simpler, in some ways, if you create a SEP-IRA. You can contribute a flexible amount to your SEP-IRA, and the amount can be determined annually. However, there is no obligation for an annual amount.

On the other hand, SEP-IRAs may require some thoughtful calculations. If you hope to contribute the maximum amount to your account, perhaps because you've started your Fort Worth retirement planning late in life, you are going to need to make some complicated calculations. You might consider consulting with a Fort Worth financial advisor for assistance.

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