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Clearwater retirement planning isn't reserved for the wealthy. Every working adult who hopes to attain financial independence in the future and achieve a certain level of prosperity after retiring should take time to develop a Clearwater retirement planning strategy. Comprehensive planning addresses your medical and social needs as a retiree as well as the financial realities of retirement in Florida.

With its sparkling beaches, access to shopping and recreational facilities, pretty marina and temperate climate, Clearwater draws retirees from all over the country. Clearwater is also a fun, relaxing place to raise a family and enjoy time with your children. If the weather and seaside views of Clearwater have you planning to retire early, talk with a Clearwater, Florida retirement planning consultant to devise a plan for achieving financial freedom within your desired time frame.

Predicting FL Retirement Costs

One of the most challenging aspects of Clearwater retirement planning is trying to predict how much money you'll need to support your lifestyle after you've stopped working. If you're planning to do more than simply cover the costs of living in Florida, you may need to set aside more of your salary than you once anticipated. Many Clearwater residents find that they end up spending more money than they expected after they retire.

After retirement, you'll save money on transportation and other work related costs, but you may spend more on travel, grandchildren and health care. Unless you come up with a reasonably accurate estimate of how much you'll spend on such basic costs as housing, food, prescriptions and social activities after you retire, you may fall short of your Clearwater retirement planning goals. A professional financial planning consultant who specializes in retirement projections can help you form an accurate assessment of your future needs.

Planning for your future in Clearwater requires anticipating how inflation and changes in Social Security and Medicare might affect your cost of living as a retiree. As the costs of food, housing and transportation continue to rise, you may find that you aren't as close to your retirement goals as you once believed. Supplementary medical insurance and long term care insurance can augment your Clearwater retirement planning resources by preparing you to meet the costs of 24-hour nursing care, assisted living or home health nursing.

Once you and your financial planning advisor have developed a projection of your future costs, you can determine whether you'll be ready to retire within the time you expected. A Clearwater retirement planning expert will evaluate the resources you've accrued so far, including your savings and investment accounts, your anticipated Social Security benefits and other financial assets. If you're not on track with your goals for financial independence, you and your planner can revise your strategies so that you'll be financially prepared for the flexible lifestyle you've imagined.

Clearwater Retirement Planners

Preparing for the years when you're no longer working can be an exciting, rewarding experience. With the help of a Clearwater retirement planning specialist, you can visualize the life you've dreamed of and make plans to achieve those dreams. In addition to contributing money to a Florida 401k or 403b through your employer, you can work with your planner to build a portfolio of diverse savings and investment funds that will provide multiple sources of income after you've concluded your career.

The state of FL is home to many professional planners who help retirees develop plans to lead prosperous, fruitful lives. Preparing for the future can begin as early as your 20s or as late as your 50s, 60s or beyond. In an ideal world, every working adult would save and invest their money as recommended, without any setbacks to interfere with the steady growth of these funds. However, in reality, not everyone has the opportunity to set aside enough money for their senior years. A divorce, the death of a spouse, the loss of a job or other events can interfere with your saving goals.

FL financial planners have experience in helping working adults and senior citizens improve their financial circumstances. Even if you've already retired, you can benefit from the wealth of knowledge that a qualified planner offers. Certified planners may have backgrounds in finance, business administration, social services, investment or health care. However, they all share a concern for the well being of their clients and a willingness to help them plan fulfilling lives as seniors.

To find a qualified Clearwater retirement planning specialist in your area, request information from several professional planners. With access to the internet at home or in your office, you can receive responses from several experts within a very short time. Look for a planner whose training and expertise correspond to your goals. With the help of a knowledgeable professional, you may find that independence is within your reach.

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Jarrod Rutledge, CFP
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