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Ann Arbor retirement planning goals should be flexible enough to change as your life changes. When you get your first job and establish a 401k or 403b through your Michigan employer, your goals may be very different from the dreams you have in your 50s or 60s. However, the basic principles of Ann Arbor retirement planning still apply, no matter how your dreams and objectives change. Many retirement planning experts advise you to save at least 10 percent of your income, or as much as you're able to save, in preparation for your financial needs as a retiree.

The University of Michigan is one of the largest employers in MI, and the university sets the tone for the city's culture as well as for the economy of Ann Arbor. The Huron River runs through this attractive city, and the community is graced by numerous parks and tree lined residential streets. Raising a family and working in Ann Arbor can be rewarding experiences. When you're ready to retire in Michigan, you won't have to worry about your financial well being if you've established a solid foundation as a young Ann Arbor professional.

Benefits of Hiring a Planner

When you're in your 20s, Ann Arbor retirement planning may be limited to putting aside funds in a 401k or an IRA. You may not have a clear idea of how much you need to save for retirement, but you've gotten a good start in the right direction. Meeting with an Ann Arbor retirement planning specialist may seem like an odd way to spend your time, but a consultation might help you direct your savings and investment goals more effectively.

It's never too early to begin saving and investing for retirement in MI. These days, retirees may expect to live longer than their predecessors after they've stopped working. If you're planning to retire by the age of 65, you may need even more funds than you anticipated when you first launched your Ann Arbor retirement plan. With the help of an Ann Arbor, Michigan retirement planning specialist, you can determine how ready you are financially to achieve the retirement you've dreamed of.

Planning for your financial future doesn't have to be a lengthy, time consuming process. A professional planner can help you identify simple financial planning strategies that you can use to build an income for the years when you're no longer working. Certified planners may have a background in personal finance, business administration, investment or management, but one thing they all have in common is their interest in Ann Arbor retirement planning.

Ann Arbor retirement planning experts know about the economic, political and social trends that may affect your financial planning goals in the years ahead. Changes in Social Security or Medicare benefits, improvements in health care or new trends in senior housing may affect the way you live as an older adult. When you work with an experienced and knowledgeable planner, you can avoid many of the pitfalls that might affect an uninformed retiree. Certified Ann Arbor planners can help you plot a course to financial freedom, so you can enjoy a more flexible lifestyle as a senior.

Protecting Your MI Retirement

Along with your proactive financial measures, such as saving and investing a portion of your income in a diverse selection of accounts, your planner may recommend that you apply some defensive strategies. Over the years, the setbacks of life can gradually erode an Ann Arbor retirement planning fund if you aren't prepared for these eventualities. The loss of a job, a divorce, an injury or a disability may drive you to turn to your savings for financial support. Eventually, you may find that you have less money set aside for the future than you had hoped.

Building an emergency savings and protecting your resources with insurance are key ingredients of a financial planning strategy. As you build funds for your long term goals, you must also set aside a certain amount for emergency auto or home repairs or unexpected medical expenses. Health insurance, homeowners insurance and disability insurance will give you the financial support you need to maintain your health, protect your valuable property and protect your family against a sudden loss of income.

Retiring in Ann Arbor can be more comfortable and rewarding if you have the financial flexibility to choose your health care and housing arrangements. Many senior citizens enjoy the amenities, social and cultural opportunities that assisted living facilities provide. If you include long term care insurance in your Ann Arbor retirement planning tool kit, you may use your funds for certain housing facilities, rehabilitation services, skilled nursing facilities or home health nursing. Long term care insurance policies can secure a fruitful, healthy life in your senior years.

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