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Sovereign Financial Group, Inc.
405 Lexington Ave, Fl 26
New York, NY 10174
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“Complete and Unbiased Wealth Management”
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John K. Kochersperger
Name:  John K. Kochersperger
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About Sovereign Financial Group, Inc.

As an independent, family owned practice, our financial advisors pride themselves on delivering integrated and unbiased advice for all of our clients' wealth management needs.

General Information

Name of Custodial Firm:    Raymond James
States Willing to do Business in:   
Years of Experience in Financial Services:    30
Number of Years with Current Firm:    10

Qualifications & Memberships

Financial Organization Memberships:    Financial Planning Association (FPA), Paladin Registry

Firm Information

Assets Managed by Firm:    $250,000,000.00
Prepared By: John K. Kochersperger

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