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“Deeper understanding sets us apart.”
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Jason Nowitzki, CRPC®
Name:  Jason Nowitzki, CRPC®
Phone Number:  (630) 980-4750
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About HighPoint Planning Partners

Few situations are more frustrating than feeling misunderstood. Think about how misunderstandings are the root of conflict At work, home, or socially. A failure to listen and really hear what the other party is saying is where most misunderstandings begin. And where your finances are concerned, misunderstandings can have dire consequences. At HighPoint Planning Partners, LLC , we place a premium on the art of listening in an effort to understand you, and your goals and dreams, as well as your concerns. We believe this is the most critical step in determining the path to financial independence that's right for you. Serve you in the capacity of your personal chief financial officer by using our vast resources to oversee and manage your portfolio. This provides you with confidence that your plan will be aligned with your unique needs. By working with a select group of clients, we are able to develop a depth of understanding about each client's financial needs. This allows us to offer our clients an unparalleled level of customized advice and personalized service.

General Information

CRD#:    4051409
Firm CRD#:    6413
SEC File#:    163768
Insurance License#:    3130504
Name of Broker/Dealer:    LPL FINANCIAL
Name of Custodial Firm:    THE PRIVATE TRUST COMPANY
States Licensed in:    IL, IN, WI
States Willing to do Business in:   
Years of Experience in Financial Services:    19
Number of Years with Current Firm:    5
I work with the following types of clients:    Non-Profit Organizations, Individual Investors, Businesses


Investment Types:    Mutual Funds, Bonds, Alternative Investments, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Stocks, Annuities, Insurance, Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)
I can meet clients in the following ways:    At my office, At your home, Video Conference, Via phone, At your office

Qualifications & Memberships

Certifications, Accreditations & Designations:    Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®)
Securities Licenses:    Series 7, Series 66
Insurance and Annuity Licenses:    Disability, Annuity, Variable Life, Long Term Care, Variable Annuity, Life, Health


Registered Representative:    Yes
Investment Advisor Representative:    Yes
I am an acknowledged fiduciary:    Yes
Compliance Disclosures in Last 5 years:    I have a clean record
Criminal Disclosures in Last 5 years:    I have a clean record

Compensation and Fees

Fee Structure:    I am a fee-based financial professional
Minimum Portfolio Size for New Managed Accounts:    5000
Compensation Methods:    Commissions, Based on Assets, Flat Fee
Additional Details on Charges:    Complimentary initial consultation offered.
Prepared By: Jason Nowitzki, CRPC®

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